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List of major works performed within the period from

1989 to 2006


1. KBO Zagłębie

    general overhaul of the tower type mobile crane POTAIN     8GTR

2. Spółdzielnia Inwalidów Niewidomych PROMET (Blind Disabled Cooperative)- 

    overhead travelling crane Q5T L19m, assembly of a new crane and two hoists

3. Poligonowa Wytwórnia Betonu (Conrete Production Plant), Sosnowiec -

    assembly of 5 pcs of new gantry cranes type SB 5 and SB 8 L=19m

4. Chorzowskie Zakłady Materiałów Prefabrykowanych (Prefabricated materials Plant). unit in Sosnowiec -

    general overhaul of gantry cranes 8 pcs

5. Mikama Sosnowiec

    general overhaul of  3 overheads travellers.

6. Chorzowskie Zakłady Materiałów Prefabrykowanych (Prefabricated Materials Plant) unit in Bytom –

    modernization of  2 gantry cranes SB5 and SB8 L=22m

7.  Mostar Sosnowiec

   general overhaul of 2 overhead travellers Q=10 Q=5T L=16m

8. Mostar Sosnowiec –

   repairs of overhead travelling crane Q=5T at the structures manufacturing plant

9. Huta Buczek (Steel works) O.H furnaces dept.-

   disassembly of old foundry crane Q=32T.-  assembly of a new overhead traveller Q=32T/8T

10. Huta Buczek -

   repairs of electric driven hoists

11. Kopalnia Grodziec (coal mine) –

   general overhaul of gantry crane Q5T L=19m

12. KWK Mysłowice (coal mine)

     general overhaul of 14 hoists type Balkancar from 3,2T to 8T

13. Olkuska Fabryka Domów Olkusz (Houses Production Plant) -

     general overhaul and modernization of the control system of 2 overhead travellers Q=8T L=16m

14. Sosnowiec Dańdówka Fabryka Domów (Houses Production Plant)  –

     repair of 6 overhead travellers Q=10T, liquidation of 4 pcs,  Q=8T

15. Poligonowa Wytwórnia Betonu Gliwice CH.P.M.B (Concrete Production Plant) Unit in Chorzów -

    repair of mobile crane type Polan 160

16. KWK Sosnowiec (coal mine)

    - repair of overhead travelling crane at the subassemblies warehouse Q5T L= 22m

    - wood yard - repair of 3 jib cranes type Polan 160 and repair of Mostostal 80 crane

17. Zakład Budowy Urządzeń Hutniczych (Production of devices for steel industry) in Sosnowiec -

    repair of overhead travelling cranes and execution of cable curtains for crane supply

18. Wolbromska Fabryka Pasów Transportowych (Transport belts production)

   disassembly, relocation ,modernization and assembly of the overhead travelling crane Q32/8T L=24m Hp 25m,

19. FSM Sosnowiec new bay (the today ER-SI) –

   assembly of 2 track overhead travellers Q=20T L=24m

20. FSM Sosnowiec

  disassembly of 8 pcs of stationary davits, assembly of 1 stationary davit Q2,5t     L=5m  Hp=5


permanent maintenance (a form of operation maintenance) of overhead travelling cranes, hoists and davits by today

22. ER-SI Poland –

By 2002 overhead travelling crane operation maintenance as well as electrical investment works including purchase and assembly of free standing MV station 20 kV, modernization of LV switchgears - 2 pcs

23. Samkol Huta Buczek (steel works) -

      repairs of cranes and maintenance


     disassembly and relocations of overhead travelling cranes, assembly of new ones (2 pcs in 2006):

     2 pcs KONEKRANES Q=5T L 16m and L10M

     6 pcs of Intertech Olesno Q=5T L22m Q=14T L=16m and Q=10T L=16M etc.

     Electrical works:

-         Electrical maintenance of ventilation system

-         External and internal lighting system maintenance

-         mounting roller shutter doors and high speed roll-up doors 

-         modernization of LV and MV stations

-         replacement of 2500kVA 6,3/0/4 transformers

-         modernization of the electric wiring and execution of new ones by today


   new electric wiring of the industrial building together with illumination and connection of machines, execution of battery trucks station in explosion-proof execution, disassembly, repair and assembly of suspended overhead travelling crane Q=5T L=19m

25. Ficomirrors Sosnowiec -

assembly of overhead travelling crane Q=5T extension of the overhead travelling crane roadway, electrical and maintenance works

26. ERGOM Sosnowiec-

   periodical protective measurements

27. Rolled Glassworks Jaroszowiec

execution of a new roadway for overhead travelling crane together with modernization of overhead travelling crane Q=5T L=24m

     Replacement of hoist roadway Q=5T L=50m together with modernization of supplying system

28.Glassworks Jaroszowiec (SAN GOBAIN-GLASS) (2005) –

  disassembly of old overhead travelling cranes Q=5T, assembly of new overhead travelling cranes Q=5T, radio-cab control  + busways assembly



1- assembly of new roller shutter doors of Gros company

2- repairs and assembly of Coil company doors

3- execution of electric wiring for new painting shops

4- modernization works of production lines

5- assembly of 2 new overhead travelling cranes Q=10T 16m together with track structure

6-MV and LV stations modernization

7- replacement of 3 transformers 2500kVA of AREVA Mikołów

8- assembly reactive power batteries of ELMA –Energia

9- modernization of industrial ventilation

10-repairs of painting shops


and others


All the works specified and not specified above are documented in handover protocols and invoices.


                                                                          Yours sincerely:

                                                                                                    R. Kałuziński  


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